I am David Lowery singer/songwriter for the bands Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven. I’ve also worked extensively with Sparklehorse (as David Charles), Leftover Salmon and the German band FSK. I’ve also produced a number of notable artists including (but not limited to) the Counting Crows, Sparklehorse, Lucero, Lauren Hoffman, September 67, Tea Leaf Green, and The Modern Skirts. I was part owner of the highly acclaimed sound of music studios for 17 years. And with my bandmates i curate the “Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven Campout” music festival in Pioneertown California.

Many of my interests are outside of music. I was born a true geek. I was trained as a mathematician at University of California Santa Cruz. Go Banana Slugs! I dabble in esoteric digital amateur radio modes like PSK and APRS. I like science but I also read a lot of books about economics and finance. In particular i am interested in the failures and flaws of various economic theories and quantative financial models. I believe John Maynard Keynes is completely misunderstood. I also enjoy military histories and anything to do with the steppes of Central Asia. I also believe Genghis Khan is widely misunderstood (not that i would have him over to dinner). I am marginally a Democrat. Mostly because i believe that statistically they are slightly more likely to look out for the common man. And i can’t stand religious fundamentalism.   However i have a strong libertarian streak. In light of the fantastic productivity gains of the last 40 years I think it’s reasonable to ask “why doesn’t government consume less of our GDP?” I am an optimist that believes over the long term the arrow of human history points towards prosperity, civilization, freedom, and a more peaceful and greener world. Despotic regimes, violent ideologues, corporatist elites, religious fundamentalists and corrupt bureaucracies might temporarily slow or reverse progress, but over the long term the good guys win. Also that Singularity bullshit is just the usual endtimes idiocy dressed up in silicon valley billionaire clothes.

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