I am David Lowery singer/songwriter for the bands Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven. I’ve also worked extensively with Sparklehorse (as David Charles), Leftover Salmon and the German band FSK. I’ve also produced a number of notable artists including (but not limited to) the Counting Crows, Joan Osborne, Sparklehorse, and Lucero. I was part owner of the highly acclaimed sound of music studios for 17 years. And with my bandmates i curate the “Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven Campout” music festival in Pioneertown California. I also teach Music Publishing and economics/finance of the music industry.

Many of my interests are outside of music. I was born a true geek. I was trained as a mathematician at University of California Santa Cruz. Go Banana Slugs! I dabble in esoteric digital amateur radio modes like PSK and APRS. I like science but I also read a lot of books about economics and finance. In particular i am interested in the failures and flaws of various economic theories and quantative financial models.

I also advocate on behalf of artists and songwriters here:

DMCA velenavego pitchatent.com

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